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2012 Grand Teton National Park (**FULL**)

Photography Workshop - September 22 - 28, 2012

Posted: January 10th, 2012 @ 12:53am

 Grand Teton National Park
September 22 - 28 , 2012
Saturday at 4:00 PM - Friday at 1:00 PM
Jackson, Wyoming
Instructor:  Marti Jeffers
Assistant Instructor: Cathy Aronson
Tuition:  $945
Deposit: $300
Join Marti Jeffers for her fifth trip to spectacular Grand Teton National Park to shoot the beautiful fall colors of the park.  this workshop will focus on shooting, field instruction, critique of images, along with classroom instruction and labs on shooting, composition, post processing and printing.   Joining Marti this year is Cathy Aronson, a master printer and a photography guide in and around Grand Teton.   Cathy will provide classroom instruction on preparing your images for printing.   We will spend an afternoon/evening at Cathy's studio and you will be able to use her expertise to create a beautiful print of an image you made on the workshop to take home with you.
We are most fortunate to have as our sponsor for this workshop, Breathing Color, who is providing printer paper for the workshop as well as a promotional code for the workshop participants for a $20 discount on their website.   Please visit Breathing Color to see the variety of papers and services they offer.
We will photograph some of the Grand Teton's classic locations in beautiful light, including Schwabacher Landing, the Mormon Barnes, Oxbow Bend, as well as many other lesser known, yet still stunning locations.  We are also working with a local ranch to make time to shoot the beautiful horses on the ranch as they are driven to or from pasture.  In additon, we will use Cathy's skills as a guide to find wildlife in the area for those of you who are anxious to shoot the local wildlife.
The general schedule for this workshop is shooting sessions in the early morning for sunrise and in the evening for sunset.  On some days, if we find them, we will stay out longer to shoot the bison and elk in the area.   There are classroom sessions for lecture and/or image critique during the day, as well as a lab for assistance with selecting your images for critique and with the use of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.   The schedule is flexible and dependent on weather.   As the days are long, we plan to have one morning off in the middle of the week, and short breaks during the day each day of the workshop.
To register for this workshop, please use my contact form and select Workshops in the choices for subject.  In the Message section, please let me know that it is this workshop in which you are interested.
This is the first time Marti and Cathy have taught this workshop together.  Here are some testimonials from Marti's 2011 workshops:
"The perfect combination.  New Mexico, a photographer's dream and Marti and her assistant for the workshop, Will Austin.  Put together with a small group of fun photographers and you couldn't ask for anything better.  Everyday is exciting and fun and full of learning experiences and inspiration with Marti and Will being in the field only a step away to offer answers to a question or advice on composition and camera settings.  Then get to the classroom and they are so knowledgeable and helpful.  This is my second workshop with Marti and certainly won't be my  last  ...  I highly recommend any workshop she does.  She is a first class teacher."  Micky, New Mexico and the Spirit of Georgia O'Keefe, 2011
 "What an amazing experience in beautiful, enchanting New Mexico.  Some time has passed since the workshop and I am still processing all of the things that I learned.  However, the area where I made the most progress had nothing to do with f-stops or layers.  It had to do with how to interpret the world around me as an artist through the lens.  With Marti and Will's teaching, and the support of all the other participants, I was able to create images I never thought possible.  Thank you again for an amazing workshop, and thank you to the spirit of Georgia O'Keeffe, which continues to inspire."   Mary Rose, New Mexico and the Spirit of Georgia O'Keefe, 2011
"Callaway Gardens and the surrounding areas are a delightful place to photography and can keep photographers busy for days.  I enjoyed the location as much as the camaraderie of my fellow students.  Marti is a delightful photography workshop leader.  It takes a special person to lead a group of diverse personalities, skill levels and interests through five days of lecture, critiques and hands-on experiences.  Her teaching style works well for beginners as well as advanced photographers by presenting the material in a way that isn't over the head of the beginner yet adds information to supplement the more advanced student's skillset.  She challenges our artistic as well as our emotional approach to photography."   Marcia, Warm Springs and Callaway Gardens, 2011 
"I almost cancelled attending this workshop as it approached.   WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN!! This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended.  Marti made certain that everything ran smoothly while providing some of the best classroom and critique sessions possible.  My skill levels improved greatly.  But more importantly, I experienced a new sense of wonderment about the joy of photography.   As Marti reminded us, enjoying photography is really a reflection of enjoying and engaging in life in general.   Thanks to her, Lori and all the wonderful participants I was able to regain a renewed appreciation of all around me and all I have to be thankful for.  You all have my unbounded and eternal gratitude."   Mark,  Warm Springs and Callaway Gardens, 2011 
About Our Workshops
For more informations about Marti Jeffers Photography workshops, including general requirements and our cancellation policies and procedures, please read About Our Workshops.  
Additional Information
Getting There:
The closest major commercial airport to Grand Teton National Park is Jackson, Wyoming.  Another option is to fly to Salt Lake City and enjoy the beautiful drive up to Jackson.  Rental cars are available at the both airports.   As the workshop date approaches, we will make a contact list available, with your permission, of the participants of this workshop so that you can get in touch with each other to arrange for car sharing and other information.
The workshop will be hosted at:   
PO Box 38
Jackson, Wyoming  83001
Physical location:
120 S Flat Creek Dr
Jackson Hole, Wyoming  83001
Phone:  307-733-3121
Toll Free:  800-962-4988
We have a block of cabins set aside for the class.   The rate for the cabins are $105/night for single queen studio cabins and $135/night for deluxe studio cabins.   For more information on the different cabins, please see the Cowboy Village Resort website.   The release date for the cabins in our block is August 7, 2012.
When you call for reservations, please tell them that you are with Marti Jeffers Photography Workshops in order to get the special rate.
We also have classroom meeting space at Cowboy Village.
Park Entrance Fees:
Vehicle Entrance Fee:   $25.00 for seven days.
This permit allows all persons traveling in one single private, non-commercial vehicle (car/truck/van) to leave and re-enter the park as many times as they wigh during the 7-day period from the date of purchase.   It is good for both the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.
Please review their site for any changes on the entrance fees.
If you hold a National Parks Pass, the entrance fee is waived.   Please visit the National Parks Passes page for more information.
To register for this workshop, please use my online contact form and select Workshops in the choices for subject.  In the Message section, please let me know that it is this workshop in which you are interested.

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