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Testimonials from Previous Workshop Participants:
"The perfect combination.  New Mexico, a photographer's dream and Marti and her assistant for the workshop, Will Austin.  Put together with a small group of fun photographers and you couldn't ask for anything better.  Everyday is exciting and fun and full of learning experiences and inspiration with Marti and Will being in the field only a step away to offer answers to a question or advice on composition and camera settings.  Then get to the classroom and they are so knowledgeable and helpful.  This is my second workshop with Marti and certainly won't be my  last  ...  I highly recommend any workshop she does.  She is a first class teacher."  Micky, New Mexico and the Spirit of Georgia O'Keefe, 2011
"What an amazing experience in beautiful, enchanting New Mexico.  Some time has passed since the workshop and I am still processing all of the things that I learned.  However, the area where I made the most progress had nothing to do with f-stops or layers.  It had to do with how to interpret the world around me as an artist through the lens.  With Marti and Will's teaching, and the support of all the other participants, I was able to create images I never thought possible.  Thank you again for an amazing workshop, and thank you to the spirit of Georgia O'Keeffe, which continues to inspire."   Mary Rose, New Mexico and the Spirit of Georgia O'Keefe, 2011
"Photography is a life long learning experience.  There are so many ways to improve, so much equipment and technology to review, and infinite ways to approach an image capture.  Marti Jeffers and Will Austin offer fresh vision, "pearl" tips (which I will keep in my photo editing arsenal), reviews, amazing locations, and most of all inspiration for the photographer's quest.  Any level of photographer will benefit from a Marti Jeffers Photography workshop and the experience Marti creates.  I can't wait to share my captures from the field."   Tina, New Mexico and the Spirit of Georgia O'Keefe, 2011
"Fabulous workshop in an amazing and beautiful place.  Marti and Will could not have been more helpful, inspiring and encouraging to each of us.  They are both great teachers.  Their enthusiasm for photography is infectious.  Well done!"   Blake, New Mexico and the Spirit of Georgia O'Keefe, 2011
"If you are looking for an opportunity to meet a unique group of people and share in a learning experience with photography both in the field and classroom then look no further. Marti Jeffers workshop was all that and more. Every moment was geared that we might walk away at the end of the 5 days feeling confident it was a worthwhile experience regardless of the level of photography you came into the group with. Thanks so much Marti ,I loved loved loved your workshop, I look forward to attending another one in the future." Tricia, Callaway Gardens and Warm Springs, 2011
"Callaway Gardens and the surrounding areas are a delightful place to photography and can keep photographers busy for days. I enjoyed the location as much as the camaraderie of my fellow students. Marti is a delightful photography workshop leader. It takes a special person to lead a group of diverse personalities, skill levels and interests through five days of lecture, critiques and hands-on experiences. Her teaching style works well for beginners as well as advanced photographers by presenting the material in a way that isn't over the head of the beginner yet adds information to supplement the more advanced student's skillset. She challenges our artistic as well as our emotional approach to photography." Marcia, Warm Springs and Callaway Gardens, 2011
"I almost cancelled attending this workshop as it approached. WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN! This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Marti made certain that everything ran smoothly while providing some of the best classroom and critique sessions possible. My skill levels improved greatly. But more importantly, I experienced a new sense of wonderment about the joy of photography. As Marti reminded us, enjoying photography is really a reflection of enjoying and engaging in life in general. Thanks to her, Lori and all the wonderful participants I was able to regain a renewed appreciation of all around me and all I have to be thankful for. You all have my unbounded and eternal gratitude." Mark, Warm Springs and Callaway Gardens, 2011
"Marti, your workshop was very educational and your management of the group experience allowed each of us to benefit from the knowledge of other students as well as the instructors.  The group camaraderie was wonderful.  I recommend your workshops to photographers of all levels of experience."   Ken, Warm Springs and Callaway Gardens, 2011
"This was the first workshop I have ever attended. I had no idea what to expect and I didn't know anything about Marti Jeffers. I had received an email from a local photography instructor about the workshop and decided at the last minute to go because of the location. I'M SO GLAD I DID! I have been a wedding and portrait photographer for the past 6 years and I have a commercial photography degree. I had never touched a macro lens before this workshop! At Marti Jeffers' Callaway Garden Workshop I learned something new every day and came away with no only new techniques, but new friends. I gained so much from the one-on-one instruction, the classroom sessions, critiques and other participants. I appreciate Marti's caring, enthusiastic attitude and willingness to freely share her knowledge and experience. It was a treat to spend time with other photographers in such a beautiful place. I hope to attend more workshops in the future." Margie, Warm Springs and Callaway Gardens, 2011
"We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop in Callaway. We have been to Callaway a number of times over the years. We went to this workshop because of you and our friendship with another participant, knowing we would enjoy ourselves. However, it was even better than we thought it world be. I thought by this time we had photographed about everything we could. However, after your instruction and the wonderful inspiration from you and others in our workshop, we are planning another trip to Callaway. We will go with new knowledge and fresh ideas, thanks to you and the rest of the group. Thanks for the memories." Becky, Warm Springs and Callaway Gardens, 2011
"Recipe for a Fantastic "Workshop Cake: 
Take one part Inspiration (Marti's lectures, example images and instructions; review and critique sessions; assistant Lori and the workshop participants).
Add one part Opportunity (Callaway Gardens).
Add another part Practice (shooting with Marti and Lori available for help).
Add a final part of Post Process Instruction (our lab sessions).
Mix together for 5 days. Bake enthusiastically in the Oven of Creativity. Frost with Icing of take-home workbook and follow-up pdf's of additional instruction. This makes for one of the tastiest "Workshop Cakes" I"ve ever experienced." Flo, Warm Spring and Callaway Gardens, 2011
"I have visited Callaway Gardens and photographed the flowers many times but it was not until Marti's workshop that I was able to really appreciate the beauty of Callaway Gardens in the spring. I saw azaleas, dogwoods and other flowering plants in ways I had never imagined before and was able to capture this beauty in my images by being shown new ways to view them." Mitch, Warm Springs and Callaway Gardens, 2011
"I enjoyed Marti's Callaway Gardens workshop very much. I could not ask for a more beautiful location, a more helpful instructor, or a better group of fellow photographers to work with. After spending a cold, gray winter in Pennsylvania, it was wonderful to escape to Springtime and colorful blooms in Callaway Gardens." Jan, Warm Springs and Callaway Gardens, 2011
"I had an amazing time at the Foundation experience. I loved learning with other women and I loved having the time and the opportunity to learn, shoot and critique images over five days. Marti and Susan were magnificently supportive and encouraged us all to take new steps forward in our photographic journey. I can’t thank you enough!” - Janet, Foundation in Photography for Women Only, 2008
"The Foundation for Women Workshop worked for me on many levels, not the least of which is that the basics of photography finally seemed to click. I liked the fact that we had classroom instruction and then went out in the field shortly afterwards to practice what we’d just been taught. It also helped tremendously to have Marti and Susan available to answer questions while shooting. I absolutely loved the camaraderie." - Terri, Foundation in Photography for Women Only, 2008
"This was a very special experience for learning about my camera, figuring out who I am as a fledgling photographer, and actually thinking that I might have some creative instincts in me! The information presented was vast, and clear and at a pace that worked for all of us. But the internal work was even more, guided by two very bright, intuitive and gentle (but not coddling!) teachers. I lapped it up until I couldn’t hold any more, and eagerly back again the next day ready for more. It was a marvelous four days and I came away excited to go out every day with my camera.” -  Ruth, Foundation in Photography for Women, 2008
"I would be ungrateful if I didn’t write and express my feelings and impressions of your first Women Only Foundation in Photography Workshop. The challenge is in putting into words what adequately describes that wonderful experience!
The 4 1/2 days in Savannah were filled with personal and knowledgeable attention to each of us attending. Marti and Susan were incredible in keeping up with the pace and diversity of all of us. They taught with patience, passion and respect, encouraging us to stretch beyond our comfort level. Their talent and desire to share it is inspiring!
Being with a group of only women was a unique experience. It was fun! There was a comfort level that I had not felt before in a previous workshop. A camaraderie developed and friendships were formed at the same time all of this expanding and learning was taking place. The time flew by and the workshop ended much too soon!"  - Wendi, Foundation in Photography for Women, 2008

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